The objectives for which the Association is established are as follows:

  1. To study and propagate the theory and applications of Reliability and Statistics.
  2. To promote, sponsor and undertake research on the different aspects of Statistics in general and Reliability in particular.
  3. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and discussion groups in pursuance of the above objectives in different parts of the country.
  4. To confer titles, diplomas, certificates and other academic and professional qualifications.
  5. To sponsor, institute or awards, research scholarship, fellowship, prizes and training schemes.
  6. To establish and maintain in whole or in part agencies or institutions to promote the above objectives.
  7. To publish books, monographs, journals, newsletters, occasional papers, etc. in the interest of promotion of the above objectives.
  8. To raise funds by way of subscriptions, loans, grants for achievement of the above objectives.
  9. To invest the money of the Association, not immediately required, in such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be decided.
  10. To be affiliated to any other institution, association or society having objectives wholly or in part similar to any of those of the Association and to co-operate with any person or persons in pursuance of such objectives.
  11. To make IARS as the most competent professional body to cater the requirements of Statistics Professionals and Reliability Engineers.
  12. To make rules and regulations etc. for carrying out the aforesaid objectives of the Association and to alter, cancel and/or modify the same in such manner as the Association deems fit.